Visual Art



Public Art for Takaya




Outdoor Wall Painting



Paul Archer, a local Victoria artist, created a large outdoor wall mural to honour Takaya. He posted an image of it on Facebook where he said, “Today I am honoring Takaya ,the lone wolf of Discovery Island. He used to swim across to Victoria for short visits. Recently spotted and tranquilized in James Bay, they relocated him up near Shawnigan Lake, only to be shot and killed by a hunter..last month. He was probably the biggest isolationist in the world. Thanks Wesley Dunlop for popping down and painting some sky in for me. I needed to address this issue as he was slowly getting forgotten from everything that’s going on right now. The mural is at the back of my shop across from the YMCA on Broughton at Quadra. @paularcherairbrushing 




Sculpture Commissioned to Honour Takaya




Here is the first sketch I did of Takaya the evening of the collective howl.

At first I was sketching a few angles of him but abandoned one angle to concentrate on the other.

Afterwards I thought to myself …hmmm, maybe he’s not alone now. (Kent Laforme)



Kent Laforme, a Victoria-based sculptor and illustrator has been commissioned by Don and Ruth James to create a stone sculpture as a tribute to Takaya. It will express his story and legacy. Kent is currently sourcing the appropriate local Vancouver Island stone, likely marble, and will begin work on it immediately. This is an incredibly exciting initiative and will result in Takaya’s story being preserved and accessible for future generations. An appropriate location for this sculpture will be identified over the coming months.





Billboards for Takaya







Artist Christine Belanger


Christine sent this in with this thought – “Let’s hope a billboard of Takaya will manifest in the future.”

Why not see if you can support a billboard in your area – wherever you may live!??




Art for the Earth


Celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day 2020 included an art initiative, Art for the Earth.  This is a global campaign that encourages artists to create something that will reach people personally and help to create a deep understanding and emotional connection to our earth, to what is happening to our planet. The aim is to inspire, to effect change and to act to protect the earth. As a way to celebrate Takaya’s legacy I invited people to take part…to create an artistic tribute of some kind for Takaya. Here are some of their creations.





Artist Carrie Cudworth, Grand Forks, BC






Artist Shawn Loewen, Victoria, BC

Instagram shawn.loewen





Artist Cate Baldwin, Gibsons, BC

Instagram: @catespaints





Artist Cailey Ward






Art from the Heart


Artists from a number of countries have been moved by Takaya and his story, and by his tragic end. These paintings and drawings all express a love and admiration for this remarkable wolf.






Artist Jo Guillas-Ellissalde, France






Artist Nikkey Dawn, Sooke, BC





Artist Nikkey Dawn, Sooke, BC






Artist Zoe Zum, Victoria, BC






Artist Cathy Hammond, Sooke, BC






Artist Rachel Green, Fonthill, Ontario








Artist Shizico, London, UK






Artist Valerie Rolfe, Victoria, BC






Artist Mafawnwee Olivia Kenton, Vancouver Island, BC

Cranky Coyote Studios









Artist Brandy N. Moya
























Artist Lydia Mariller, France

Kamishibai Artist (Louna Vox –

These two paintings are part of a series that will become a Kamishibai story (in French with an English translation).





Artist Alena, Owl and Bear Studio







Artist Emily Margot Leslie, Milton Keynes, UK






Artist Barb Obonsawin






Artist Katie, San Juan Island, U.S.A.
















Artist Beth Clifton, Whidbey Island, Washington, U.S.A.

Animals 24/7





Takaya’s First Howl




Artist Delphina Nova, Victoria, BC









Artist Shawn Loewen, Victoria, BC

Instagram shawn.loewen