Written Word



Words for Takaya


Takaya’s life and death has moved people to tears, to joy and awe. Words have tumbled out about him, forming poems, songs and prose.

Here is a sample of these creations.






A Haiku for Takaya

by Carol Pallman, Victoria BC









Poem by Sue Belcher

(England, UK)





Song by Jeremy Leete

(Kootenays, BC)

Takaya’s Song


You walk all alone, this is your island home

Safe and sound, no one to track you down

But something has been calling and you know you cannot stay

This island life is lonely and it’s time to get away


Lone wolf I can hear you cry

You are all alone out there

Lone wolf I can hear you cry

This life that you were meant to share


Your calls go unanswered as your search goes on and on

The drive to find your soul mate, she hasn’t heard your song

You could not have known the danger, how could you have known

The blood lust from the hunter, he wants to put you down


Lone wolf I can hear you cry

You are all alone out there

Lone wolf I can hear you cry

This life that you were meant to share


You stepped into his sights and your fate was sealed that day

When he fired his gun that hit the mark and stole your life away

The sadness that I feel for the life that won’t be lived

The man who took your life, I don’t see how I can forgive


Lone wolf I can hear you cry

You are all alone out there

Lone wolf I can hear you cry

This life that you were meant to share


I can still see you running, running through the trees

Your voice has been silenced and I no longer hear your pleas

A ghost in the forest, your soul still lingers there

Your life taken from you, it just seems so unfair


Lone wolf, I can’t hear you cry

You’re no longer out there

Lone wolf, why’d you have to die

The life that you will never share


Lone wolf can you hear me cry







Song by Mike Reynolds



What made you set out on your own

On a trail that had already grown so cold

What was it hurt you to the core, or was there more

It made you lose how life had been

Nothing left to fill the gaps up in between

To take the path alone unseen, you’re so serene


Takaya takaya

You were never born to be alone

Without a friend to call your own

The miles and miles of roads behind you

As you made the only way you knew

Water kissed your feet upon the shore, it called you o’er

To swim the miles to your new home

With nothing there to stop you being all alone

And yet you chose to stay there by yourself, with little else


For one so gentle

You are thought to be so wild

I know you’re blameless

You wouldn’t harm a child

And when you left here

It came as some surprise

The others just didn’t see

The trust within your eyes


Seven long years have passed us by

What made you leave here, made you say goodbye

Was someone calling to you out loud, or were you lured

Caught as you slept the night away

Taken somewhere that you & I can never say

May you come back here again some day, I hope and pray


Takaya takaya

You were never born to be alone

Without a friend to call your own

Takaya takaya

Looks like you’re never coming home

Have you found a friend to call your own

Cause you were never born to be alone

But I sure do miss you now you’re gone










Poem by Madalann


“Takaya’s Island”


I am Takaya

I am here to roam

I am free and alone

Along this terrain

Is where I’ll remain

With the light of dawn

To the stillness of dusk

Through the darkness of the night

With the stars shining bright

I am my own pack

I am at peace with this land

Though I howl and long

For a mate to attract

I wait

As I hunt for my prey

Throughout night and day

 I instinctively know

When dangers at bay

I have eyes that are keen

And when I am seen

Know that;

I am Takaya, the Lone Wolf,

Roaming and free.

Written by MKT/March29, 2020







Poem by Victoria Erica Mitchell

Takaya, The Lost Wolf

We’ve often dreamed of the day,
Where our eyes would meet.
Along the coast somewhere,
The ocean smelling sweet.

We saw us locking in gaze,
With trust beyond belief.
Our hearts filled oh so full,
Full, of great relief.

Just knowing you were out there,
Gave us a sense of peace.
And now your senseless murder,
Has brought so much to cease.

We are all left feeling gutted,
Yet still, we’re here alive.
Visions of your freedom,
Running though our minds.

We want to seek revenge for you,
To stand up strong and fight.
We want to help you through this,
And set the future right.

Your death must bring a change here,
For others of your kind.
The memory of your magic, friend,
Will not be left behind…




By: Victoria Mitchell (with credit to all friends of Takaya, especially Cheryl Alexander… An equal inspirer to us all as Takaya was, and will always be)

RIP, Takaya Lone Wolf. We thank you for your inspiration and your beauty, both before your death, and well into the future…❤️









Takaya Thoughts

by April Bencze

(British Columbia)


Safe crossover to the other side, sweet wolf.

I’m thinking of your grace these last few days.

I’m sorry it had to end like it did.

I’m sorry for the way in which it so often ends when our kinds meet.

My kind has forgotten the common language we both speak.

Fear makes us forget.

I’m sorry the trust you had in us betrayed you in the end.

Thank you for speaking away the fear.

Sometimes even the strongest of bodies cannot survive bullets. No one can kill a spirit like yours.

All the sunsets you watched from those arbutus bluffs overlooking the strait, those stay with you.

I saw a wolf who held oceans of peace inside of him.

I felt that.

Stay wild, sweet wolf.

Keep speaking away the fear.



Second Thoughts

One day under an arbutus sky, I saw a wolf who held oceans of peace inside of him.

This doesn’t mean his teeth aren’t capable of tearing flesh.

It means us beasts who live on this earth cannot be measured by such destructive scales as good and bad.

I mean to say I met a creature who stilled the chaos of my humanity. Just by stumbling upon him as he daydreamed on a bed of moss.

One day, I saw a wolf and through him I knew what it is to feel at peace.

Rest in peace, dear wolf. Oceans of it.









Letter from Alberto Venturi

(Vincenza, Italy)


Today it’s been a week since Takaya was murdered and I decided to express all my anger at his loss.

Takaya was murdered and slaughtered a week ago and now I want to express all my anger against whoever murdered him and against who was supposed to protect him and did not. In a nutshell, his murderer, whose name I do not know, and the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service, who did not protect him, but sentenced him to death.

For the past two years or so, I’ve grown fond of Takaya the lone wolf and I took an interest in the behavior of an atypical wolf, a lone wolf on a desert island, a wolf that over time had become a symbol not only for Canada but also for the whole world, and one fine day Takaya decided to return to the mainland probably to find a companion. Most likely he was accustomed to the presence of the man, although at a due distance, captured after being drugged by the Conservation officer service of British Columbia, they decided not to take him back to his island, where he would be safe, assuming that he would return to the mainland. They released him in January in a secret place aware, this is the naked and crude truth, that they were condemning him to death, who says otherwise is in bad faith or is a fool who does not know what he says. Did anyone at Conservation officer service think what they were doing? It was a wolf and a wolf’s life in British Columbia is worth zero, since every year hunters murder and slaughter, these are the right terms, one thousands two hundreds wolves and there are agencies that organize trips, where you can kill a wolf for 3500 dollars.

The result of the incompetence of the Conservation officer service is in front of everyone’s eyes, Takaya is no longer there, killed by a fucking son of a bitch, pass me the vulgar expression, who was looking for a trophy or maybe he was just looking for Takaya to satisfy his ego or rather his thirst for blood. In short, a psychopath with a legal license to kill wolves. I really have no idea how it is possible in the year 2020 to kill in cold blood defenseless beings, be they wolves, bears, mountain lions, elks, otters, seals, deer, white bears and whoever has more. Something has to change because we are not in the Middle Ages and it is not possible to kill one thousands two hundreds wolves in 2020 in British Columbia. Takaya’s death will cause an uproar for a short time, then it will be forgotten, because he was just a wolf. The point is that he was not just a wolf, he was “The Wolf”.  I hope Takaya’s death has the same value as the death of Cecil the lion killed by a psychopathic dentist from Minnesota in 2015.  Hoping that someone will be able to recover Takaya’s body and give him a decent burial on his island, where he lived free and safe for eight years.

I would have preferred Takaya to remain alive until the natural end of his days, but this was not possible because of a representative of mankind, the deadliest species on the planet.

I conclude by saying that the level of civilization of a nation is measured by the way it treats the animals living on its territory.

Now he runs free and safe on the rainbow bridge.

Best regards

Alberto Venturi  – Vicenza – Italy

PS: If anyone knows or learns the name of the hunter who killed him, make it public. We owe it to Takaya.









Song by Jon Middleton

(Victoria, BC)

The Ballad of Takaya


When I was just a young one
I set off from the pack
I sauntered down south
I would not be coming back
I would not be coming back

I came up to a rocky shore
On a moonlit night
And swam into the water
For an isle within my sight
For an island in my sight

For many years I roamed that land
Surrounded by the sea
I’d howl out forlornly
For someone I couldn’t see
For someone I could not see

Until one day my mind implored
That I left that isle of mine
I came to a city
That I wasn’t meant to find
No I wasn’t meant to find

No sooner had I gotten there
I was hit with a quick pain
I woke up in the darkness
I could hear the sound of rain
I could hear the sound of rain

They took me in a darkened crate
I could feel the road below
The next thing that I saw
Was the final place I’d know
Was the final place I’d know

’Twas beautiful and wondrous there
the forest black and green
But I wasn’t to stay long
For a shot would bury me
Yes a shot would bury me

In the final breaths I took after
That bang that brought me down
I finally saw my lover
And she let me hear her howl
Yes, she let me hear her howl

released March 29, 2020

© Jon Middleton










Poem by Kathrin Schlender







Poem by CS Mowgli




In shades of gray and shadows tall
You are by men judged most of all.

For in their path to fortunes gained
And with a knack for reckless aim
They choose to silence, maim and flee
And leave the scars the blind won’t see,
As they refuse to hear the message
That understands the need your life has
To prove that what’s beneath the surface
Is rich in spirit not for purchase.

Devoid of grace their mission senseless
The woodland’s keeper left defenseless.




-CS Mowgli, in remembrance and appreciation of Takaya, a misjudged and misunderstood yet magnetic free spirit whose enigmatic and seemingly carefree life was cut short recently …