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Takaya’s Legacy Petition


This petition is in direct response to the laws that allowed, and even encouraged, Takaya to be shot by a recreational hunter with legal protection. Over 1200 wolves are killed each year in BC for recreation. Demand that the provincial government align its wildlife management policies for wolves with the current values of a majority of its citizens. We are no longer living in the last century.  It’s particularly important for people from out-of-country to register their disagreement with these policies as tourism (aka dollars) is a significant driver for government policy. Sign The Legacy Petition to stop the recreational and gratuitous killing of wolves in BC.







Support the following organizations in BC that advocate for wolves and have current initiatives to stop recreational killing and culling of wolves in BC.

Visit their sites to learn more about this situation and to support their work:



Raincoast Conservation Organization




Pacific Wild








There are many organizations that focus on educating and providing information about the lives of wolves and issues surrounding these large carnivores.


A good place to start is by a visit to the site of Living With Wolves, a non-profit organization started by Jim and Jamie Dutcher. They pioneered the field of understanding wolves as individuals … as sentient beings … passionately documenting their lives and relationships. A portion of any profits from my film and photographs are donated to Living With Wolves.





Other Organizations and Resources



Wildlife Defense League


International Wolf Center


Wolf Haven International


Wolf Awareness


Wolf Matters


Wolf Watcher


Pacific Wolf Coalition


Sedona Wolf Week


Yellowstone Wolf Project


Conservation Northwest


Defenders of Wildlife


Rocky Mountain Wolf Project


The 06 Legacy





Reading About Wolves


If you’d like to learn more about wolves and Takaya’s ‘world’, the books listed here are those that I found most thorough, helpful, fascinating and provocative.




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