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Takaya Watches Over the Entrance to the Salish Sea

at the junction of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Haro Strait, where the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Salish Sea meet and mingle.

Forever on a Favourite Bluff!










On the islands where Takaya lived for 8 years, stands the abandoned, historic Discovery Island lighthouse.

Mural artist Paul Archer, along with assistants Renee and Josh, created a permanent and stunning tribute to Takaya on the walls of the old foghorn building. (A feat that Banksy would be proud of!) He now gazes down from a rocky bluff and is visible to all boats passing by. In his eyes we see something special, something that reaches into our souls … something we must pay attention to.

The hunter who killed Takaya was able to take his life, yet was not able to extinguish the lasting gift and inspiration that Takaya’s life continues to give to many around this earth.


If you have the opportunity, visit Takaya here in his islands. Take a moment to really look into those eyes …








“Look Into My Eyes”







Go to this link to upload your photo. Become part of the mosaic of Takaya.




A project by Christine Belanger, Pontiac, QC, Canada



Celebrate our Interconnectedness! Keep Takaya’s eyes in your heart and keep his legacy strong.




“I am wolf, wild and free

Look into my eyes, what do you see?

I want what you want, nothing more

Family, food and a home by the shore.

I am wild, so just witness me

I live in sync with land and sea.

Kill me for pleasure but what do you gain?

I seek only peace, yet you often give pain.

I am wolf, wild and real

Look into my eyes, what do you feel?

Can you see our connection upon this earth?

Please understand that we all have worth.

Look into my eyes, what do you see?

I want coexistence, so please see me.”

Cheryl Alexander







Watch as artist Constance Schroeder, from France, paints Takaya.

In this four minute time-lapse you’ll see Takaya come to life before your eyes!

Very moving.

Watch til the end … the eyes say it all!












LEO Awards Nominations – Honours for the Takaya: Lone Wolf film

It has been nominated for four Leo Awards: Best Short Documentary; Best Direction; Best Screenwriting and Best Cinematography.

There awards are for the ‘best of the best’ in film and tv for western Canada. Out of hundreds of submissions, only five are chosen…Takaya is one of those.

Other laurels to date include the Yorkton Golden Sheaf Award nomination, Selection of International Wildlife Film Festival, and the Sunset Film Festival in L.A.

The film can be viewed in Canada by streaming on CBC Doc YouTube Channel and GEMS.









Winner and Finalists of the Art for Takaya Contest – Sponsored by Pacific Wild





A Huge Thank You to the All the Artists Who Participated in this Honouring of Takaya.


Congratulations to the Winner – Diana Rodriguez – and to each of the Finalists





Artist: Diana Rodriguez


Pacific Wild will produce a limited edition T-Shirt with this design. Visit their website for details on how to order yours.







Constance Schroeder




Kendall Lipsett





Mark Sommer





Nikkey Dawn





Claire Gaulin Brown





Recently received tributes for Takaya



Takaya – Le Loup Solitaire


by composer Steven Omnes, France






A piano piece composed in honour of Takaya, Lone Wolf, illustrated with clips from the film, Takaya – Lone Wolf.



Musique composée au piano et clip vidéo en hommage à Takaya, tué au mois de Mars 2020 par des chasseurs. Merci à la photographe Cheryl Alexander, qui prise d’affection pour cet animal l’a suivi pendant 7 ans et a rassemblé au cours de ces dernières années des vidéos/photos magnifiques du loup Takaya. Takaya est un loup solitaire qui a vécu seul sur un archipel d’îles, près de Vancouver, au Canada. Unique en son genre, il a survécu plusieurs années tout en respectant son environnement, ainsi que les humains.. évitant de s’en approcher et restant à distance. Il était apprécié et connu des habitants. Il fut ensuite relocalisé, puis finalement abattu par des chasseurs..


Piano music and video clip in tribute to Takaya, killed on March 2020 by hunters. Thanks to the photograph Cheryl Alexander, who felt in love with the wolf, and followed him during seven years, taking beautiful videos/pictures of the wolf Takaya. Takaya is a lonely wolf who has lived an archipelago of islands, next to Vancouver, in Canada. In his own unique character, he survived many years while being respectful of his environment, and humans.. avoiding them and taking distance. He was appreciated, and known by locals. He was relocated, then finaly shot down by hunters..