Takaya: Lone Wolf

A new book by Cheryl Alexander

Published by Rocky Mountain Books

Available for pre-order now on Amazon (US, UK, Canada, Europe), Indigo, and local bookstores.

With a provocative foreword by Carl Safina.



“The story of Takaya and Cheryl reminds me of my long ago relationship with chimpanzee David Greybeard. It is only if you observe a complex animal over time, and with an open mind and heart that you can get a true understanding of the sentience of that animal, his or her being-ness. Cheryl exemplifies this approach – she is not afraid to become emotionally involved.  And she knows how to tell a story that can be understood and enjoyed by anyone. I hope that this book will help create a better and more informed relationship between humans and wolves.”


-Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE; Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace



The book is an enchanting and evocative look at the unique relationship between a solitary, island-dwelling wolf and a renowned wildlife photographer.


A lone wild wolf lives on a small group of uninhabited islands in British Columbia’s Salish Sea, surrounded by freighter, oil tanker and other boat traffic and in close proximity to a large urban area. His name is Takaya, which is the Coast Salish First Nations people’s word for wolf. Cheryl Alexander studied and documented this unique wolf for years, unravelling the many mysteries surrounding his life. Her documentation of Takaya’s journey, his life on the islands and the development of their deep connection is presented alongside a stunning collection of her photography. Through journal entries, interviews, and photographs, Takaya: Lone Wolf addresses a number of profound questions and tells a story that is certain to inspire, enlighten, and touch the heart. It is the story of a wild animal, alone yet at peace.



Two children’s books about Takaya will also be available in 2021: Good Morning Takaya (Board Book for ages 1-3) and Takaya’s Journey (Picture Book for ages 3 – 6).


More information about Takaya books at Rocky Mountain Books.